Hi there from sunny Los Angeles, California,

THORSEN - New Fashion for Men - is a collection of carefully selected fashion items to enhance your style and personality. We comb the world to find these items for you so you can dress in style. Jackets, watches, sunglasses, and other items you find in our store allow you to not only look good but also express your confidence and sensibility..

My partner and I started this store after realizing that we spend a lot of time looking for trendy and high quality shoes, jackets, bags, accessories, and other items that all men normally use and wear. After receiving some compliments from the male as well as the female world that we dress really well, we decided to share our talent with the rest of the male world and bring to you items that we personally like. It may be your style as well or it may be not - the final choice is yours. But if you want to get a few looks and some compliments, we guarantee you that it will all work very well. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, then check back occasionally as we add  more products and categories constantly and change our collection.

Skol and Good Shopping!

Olaf and Sven